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Introducing The Flesh Tone Color Wheel™ by Terri Tomlinson.

In June 2017, makeup artist and educator Terri Tomlinson launched a brand new color wheel to the world. The response has been tremendous. The Flesh Tone Color Wheel™ has started a new conversation about color and how artists use it when it comes to skin. It is a game-changer.

Terri Re-Invented The Wheel..!

About Terri Tomlinson

Terri Tomlinson is a Dallas based Makeup Artist, Global Educator, Owner of Makeup Training Academy and Creator of The Flesh Tone Color Wheel™. Terri has personally trained hundreds of professional Makeup Artists worldwide.

Terri has personally trained thousands of Makeup Artists around the world. She remains highly engaged with the industry working with clients and teaching around the world.

About The Wheel

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