Color Theory Mastery With Flesh Tone Products

Are you a Makeup Artist seeking to elevate your skills and unlock the true potential of color theory for flawless makeup application? Brought to you by Terri Tomlinson, the Flesh Tone Color Wheel & Color Fan can help you get there! 

Terri’s passion lies in equipping artists with the knowledge and tools to confidently master their craft. As the pioneer behind the groundbreaking “Flesh Tone Color Wheel” and  now the innovative “Flesh Tone Fan,” Terri brings you game-changing resources that redefine how you perceive and work with colors in skin, browns, and neutrals. Join the ranks of thousands of makeup artists who have embraced her unique color theory method, and experience a transformative journey in the world of makeup artistry. Discover the art and science of makeup with Flesh Tone Products – where brilliance meets simplicity.

Flesh Tone Color Wheel

Launched in June of 2017, Makeup Artist and Educator Terri Tomlinson released this new color wheel to mass acclaim. The Flesh Tone Color Wheel® is a guide for seeing color in skin as well as a tool for working color theory in skin, browns and neutrals. It is a game changer!

Flesh Tone Fan

The revolution continues! The newly released Flesh Tone Fan creates an up-close, active experience for studying color. Use it to determine skin tone, see how neutrals look against the skin, create color stories and choose the perfect wall paint!

The Flesh Tone Color Wheel® allows anyone who works with skin, browns to see undertone. It also gives the user a visual guide to work the principles of color theory in neutral. The wheel is used by artists and schools all over the globe as a guide and a tool for color in skin. Originally created by Terri Tomlinson in 2017 for her students at Makeup Training Academy in Dallas Texas, the wheel is now a staple in professional makeup kits.

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